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Currently, the members of FEMMSS are considering putting together a physical archive. (If you have any FEMMSS materials from previous events please consider keeping them for the time being.)

In the meantime, we have this page with its various links.

At the last conference (FEMMSS5) we celebrated our tenth anniversary. Here is a link to FEMMSS at 10 (2004-2014), put together by Sharyn Clough. (Thanks Shari!)
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The fifth FEMMSS conference (co-hosted with the Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy)
Science, Technology and Gender: Challenges and Opportunities
August 10-13, 2014
Sponsored by Science and Technology in Society, University of Waterloo

link to the conference website (which has podcasts of the plenary sessions)
link to the programme
link to presentation abstracts
link to the main conference poster and the poster for the public plenary session
link to Sharyn Clough's Fotos from FEMMSS5
link to the CFP

The fourth FEMMSS conference
May 10-12, 2012
Sponsored by the Rock Ethics Institute, Pennsylvania State University

link to the programme with links to presentation materials for the papers
link to the poster
link to Sharyn Clough's Fotos from FEMMSS4

The third FEMMSS conference, The Politics of Knowledge:

March 19-21, 2009
Sponsored by the Women's and Gender Studies Program, University of South Carolina

link to the programme
link to Sharyn Clough's Fotos from FEMMSS3

The second FEMMSS conference, Knowledge that Matters

February 8-10, 2007
Sponsored by the Women and Gender Studies Department at Arizona State University -Tempe Campus

link to the programme

link to a special issue of Frontiers, edited by Mary-Margaret Fonow and Nancy Campbell, arising from the conference
link to Sharyn Clough's Fotos from FEMMSS2
link to more pictures

The first FEMMSS conference:
November 5-7, 2004    
Sponsored by the Simpson Center for the Humanities at the University of Washington

link to a list of the keynote speakers
link to the programme
link to the report
link to Sharyn Clough's Fotos from FEMMSS1

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