F E M M S S                            steering committee
Below is the current steering committee for FEMMSS. The first steering committee was struck at the  first FEMMSS conference,  November 5-7, 2004, at the Simpson Center for the Humanities at the University of Washington. The steering committee has gradually morphed into its current composition and has recently come under the guidance of our new Co-Chairs, Linda Fusilier and Sharon Crasnow.
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Linda Fusilier (Co-Chair)
Sharon Crasnow (Co-Chair)

Drue Barker
Tracy Bowell
Chris Calvert-Minor
Nancy Campbell
Sharyn Clough
Sharon Crasnow

Sandra DeVries

Carla Fehr
Mary Margaret Fonow
Linda Fusilier
Ann Garry
Heidi Grasswick
Cate Hundleby
Kasi Jackson
Anne Jaap Jacobson
Mary Jeanne Larrabee
Nancy McHugh
Letitia Meynell (Web Witch)
Claudia Murphy
Gaile Pohlhaus
Kristina Rollin
Deboleena Roy
Shelley Tremain
Nancy Tuana
Barbara Whitten

Previous FEMMSS Co-Chairs:

2004-2009 Barbara Whitten and Nancy Campbell

2009-2011 Catherine Hundleby and Nancy McHugh

2012-2014 Carla Fehr and Kasi Jackson

2014-16 Kasi Jackson and Linda Fuselier

2016-2018: Linda Fuselier and Sharon Crasnow

Last updated October 16, 2016