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Important reminder
Link to the registration form.
Early registration deadline: April 15, 2012
Late registration deadline: April 30, 2012

Please note that we won't accept registrations after April 30, except in exceptional circumstances.

Cheque (send to Ann Garry - see registration form)
Electronic funds transfer contact Ann Garry for information

If you can't send Ann a cheque or do an electronic funds transfer and need to use the PayPal option there is a 3% fee for this service.
Link to PayPal

FEMMSS is a virtual organization, insofar as we have no membership fees. This means we also don't have an account or tax ID, which is why we need to get creative when it comes to processing conference fees.

For FEMMSS 4 Ann Garry has kindly volunteered to be both treasurer and treasury, which is why we're asking you to send your fees to her. She'll make sure that it all gets to where it needs to go (which is mostly towards breakfasts, lunches, and a '
mingling dinner reception').

Some registration FAQs
#1:  Is there a student rate for one day only? 
A: There is no discounted rate for the single day. 

#2:  Why a banquet only ticket?  Who would want to attend except for conference participants? 
A: Family members sometimes like to join conference banquets. 

#3: What sort of presentation technology will be available?
A: Each room has microphones to be used with discretion.  Other technology requires prior arrangement: a
t the very least, Ballrooms C and E will have projectors, but you would need to provide your own computer.

Send inquiries about registration to Ann Garry
If you have problems with the website contact the FEMMSS webwitch
Last updated March 26, 2012